23 May 2013

Nelly Jay

An Internet Sensation growing up and blowing up with her hott hott Facebook pics. Look for her and 'like' her on Facebook! (and enjoy the pics of Zanzibar, Tanzania to follow)...

SOmetimes WEs GEts HORny

The stories I could tell......starting with Chapter One:

Papi Chulo and Big DIck Papa, about to lay it on that ass n dick thick! Mmmmm

Blatino Man-Dick and Big White Master Black Dick Cowboy. How'd he do dat??

You gotta finish these bitches off! This is why we shoot those loads, into his ass and into her dirty little whore mouth (yes I get off on It!), then clean him (or her) off in the shower.

Chapter 5: Whoreism... and Voyeurism....

Yeah that's right I didn't count out all the chapters for ya, figure it out, bitch. 
Spend your time concentrating and worshipping on Daddy's dick. 
Now, now... yeah Yeah!  . . .  We all like some sweet honey ass deep-down, but...

There are those secrets we really should not know . . .

AAggh! I suddenly want some cock and cum right NOW!!

21 May 2013

A Fashion Highlight Show for Entering the Summer Months - Part One

This expose requires nothing more than a lick of the tongue and observance of the beautiful sights we have to display here. Bon appetit!!

23 April 2013

Black Herman

Benjamin Rucker was born in Amherst, Virginia in 1892. He met a traveling magician, Prince Herman, who taught him magic and eventually took him on as a partner. Rucker learned how to make the "health tonic" they sold as part of the show and how to put on a successful show. When Prince Herman died in 1909, Rucker continued the show and took the name Black Herman, eventually settling
 in Harlem, New York.

Using a combination of medicine show techniques, references to a fictional childhood in a Zulu tribe in Africa, and a taste for quoting scripture, Black Herman found the performance style that worked for him. He produced rabbits and made the amount of cornmeal in a bowl double. He let audience members tie him up so he could demonstrate how "If the slave traders tried to take any of my people captive, we would release ourselves using our secret knowledge."

Black Herman's show was very successful. His audiences included African-American and white people, which was unusual for a period when African-American performers were expected to do separate shows for black and white audiences. He used his success to help his community, hosting black businessmen and other professionals for roundtable discussions on various subjects.

By 1923, Black Herman had added "Buried Alive" to his act. At first, he would "hypnotize" a woman and then bury her six feet under for almost six hours as a publicity stunt or part of a carnival. Eventually, he himself was "Buried Alive." A few days before a major performance, Black Herman would sell tickets for the public to come to a plot of ground near the theater he called "Black Herman's Private Graveyard". They could view his lifeless body and even check for a pulse—nothing. The audience would then see Black Herman's body placed in a coffin and into the grave. The night of the show, another audience was invited to attend as the body was exhumed. They saw the coffin get dug up, opened, and Black Herman would emerge, alive and well. He would then walk to the theater, and the audience usually followed.

In April, 1934, Black Herman was performing in Louisville, Kentucky. He collapsed suddenly in the middle of his show and was declared dead of "acute indigestion." The audience didn't believe it. Herman had risen from the dead so many times before. The crowd refused to believe that the show was over and stayed in the theater.

Eventually Black Herman's body was moved to a funeral home. The crowds followed. Finally, Black Herman's assistant, Washington Reeves, decided "Let's charge admission. That's what he would have done." And they did, to thousands of people. Some people even brought pins to stick in the corpse to prove he was dead. When he was buried, "his death made front page news in black newspapers all over the country."

09 April 2013

A Fashion Sidestep

C'mon now . . . . no one said we had to stick to Fashion Week reports exclusively!

And you will enjoy the new lingerie lines being modeled in this one.  Tee-hee-hee.....

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12 March 2013

Lets See All The Pussy.

Women make up all kinds of interesting looks these days. The world is no longer powder-puff girls or pin-ups, we see women making a statement and a half today.

For instance you have hot conservative girl bitches:

You probably don't like their politics, but tell me which one of these would you honestly throw out of bed (before you make love to her, that is)?

Or you can have some juicy sweet-booty princesses like so:

More natural showing cinema wouldn't you say? Can you say that the liberal vibrations are going through your body right now? I hope you enjoy the right or left sides of your libido, as you wish!

28 February 2013

A Monica Expose - J'aiWOW!

We are adding Monica Belluci to our wonderworld of fashion forward. She models exquisitely, n'cest pas? Yes we discovered her quite by accident as my Italian co-hort at Panavision turned me on to her in a Facebook pic. Wow, can the almighty make such beauty as this with so much turmoil around? I guess things aren't as bad as some would seem.

We applaud your passion for fashion, babay!

What can we do tonight?

07 December 2012

Alvin Ailey on Times Square Showing How It's Done - and why '67 was a good year


This commanding sight of an Alvin Ailey dancer doing a winged airborne split right in the middle of Midtown traffic at 43rd,7th Avenue & Broadway in Manhattan's Times Square is a modern testament to the legacy of dance on theater. A 20th Century Icon to leave with the generations to come, when they start thinking of dance schools for their children to attend.

And while the 1990s and 2000s brought us these images, there was a lot to be said for the decade that started it all, the 60s. It brought us beauties like Diahann Carroll to look at when the scene was getting madd steamy. An Icon of 60s cinema indeed.

20 October 2012

A Salacious Beauty from Ghana

This salacious beauty comes to us from believe it or not Accra, Ghana. Seems we need to get over there to check out and see what all the fuss is about. She's definitely the eye of the storm!

17 October 2012

Remember this whacked-out Religious Right bitch?

Yeah I know, it's been a long time awhile seeing this chick.

But yes it's her, the forlorn and mostly forgotten Carrie Prejohn, the once-teen beauty queen (well almost; she lost the Miss USA title to someone else) who may have her head on sideways or in need of another frontal labotomy. But when she gets that bikini on, she's fucking hot!

Carrie Prejohn looking funky looking funky hott!  Yeah, no matter what you say about her, I would only love to have a whirl with her, wining n dining, having fun on the beach, and fucking hard!

That’s what I see when I see this photo…

. . .hott . . .so hott I wanna fuck her . . .hard & deep . . .anytime . . .anyplace . . .

16 October 2012

Anybody have any idea who this is?

.....And you should be able to tell from the back.  Still not sure?  Well, take a look at deep center . . . 

kim kardashian photos

I know . . . tell me about it!

09 August 2012

Manhattan's Majesty

This island will probably stand out through the test of time, like the Pyramids, as the definition of what we were about in this period of human history. No where is that question answered best than here.

My wing-fling Eastvillagepeeps brings us more from their Flickr account where one captures good poses and dramatic shots with little acrobatic or stuntman assistance.

Above, the UN from the Spirit Cruise Lines' yacht, from the upper deck while drifting past in the East River. The one below is of the apartments along Central Park West somewhere in the mid-80s. The green sludge pond is in the upper northwest center of the park, with nice trails that go through relatively untouched portions of the park in that area. But safe, you are not far from a major road, there are police substations and patrols all around, and in general a safe area to be in on a nice day. You can also rowboat and paddleboat downstream from here. Nice, right?

Thanks EVP!

Color Contrasts

sexy to look at, is this lovely honey who makes a decision to go back to somewhere, where she probably forgot something. her contrast in white dress, with cool tattoo on her shoulder, and in the background of dark suits (I'm in the back of this pic talking to chicka with orange top). in the meantime, she probably forgot something at the bar, perhaps her drink. Or perhaps she forgot to give him her phone number.... :-)

*** another hot capture by Eastvillagepeeps' Flickr pages.

Tiki Tavern Hut in The Park

Tavern on the Green is no longer with us, the casualty of changing times for dining out and a hard recession of 2008 and its lingering years of tight times thereafter. It could no longer survive. Hard to believe a peer of the Russian Tea House or 21 or Le Cirque for sure, truly a finer dining experience than Jean Georges or Aquavit or Per Se in its regal display of outdoor Manhattan that made it such an enchanted place of a new era back in the 70s and 80s. It really shares history with Sylvia's in that it goes back to the 60s. Another great icon of a restaurant that is no longer with us.

But things change and stay the same, in effect waiting for each emotion to return, like the seasons. These tiki lights remind me of leaves about to fall from a tree, as the seasons change, but to re-bloom in the spring into ever-anew tiki lights. Amen.

Ground shots with tiki candle starlights by Eastvillagepeeps and their Flickr Pages

30 May 2010

Bar Refaeli's naked exhibition Supermodel rolls nude on the bed in Israe...

Simply delectable, wouldn't you agree? Bar is bringing the beauty of Israel closer to our lives and farther from the violence of terrorism, at least for now. More to follow??

Heidi Montag- Body Language, Sweden Does 8-Bit, and more on TWIYT #60